The Hard Questions…

A beautiful blog about how our heavenly Father fills the empty spaces, even to overflowing.  Enjoy.

The Hard Questions….


Broken and Beloved

Here we are, the broken,

Waiting while we praise

Praying for Your hand, oh God,

To heal, to help, to raise

Your people from their fallen ways


Here we are, the blessed,

Watching for Your grace

Praying for Your love to change

Our hearts, our heads, our hands

Your children need to learn Your ways


We are beloved and broken,

Children of the living God

Marked by grace, transformed by love

Your kingdom come today we pray


Here we are, beloved,

Washed in the blood of Christ

Praying for clean hearts and hands

To serve, to teach, to reach

Your lost sheep, Your broken lambs.


We are beloved and broken

Children of the living God

Saved from sin, changed within

Work Your will in us we pray


We are beloved and broken

Our God can make us whole

We are beloved and broken

He heals the wounded soul

We are beloved and broken

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

Make us whole


By Chris Yeager