Send Us Heaven

Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. – Matthew 6:10

Send Us Heaven

Walking in this weary world
We long for heaven’s glory
We lift our eyes to the sky
For You to change our story

God above, we need you here
Send us heaven
Give us love, give us grace
Send us heaven
Heal our hearts, calm our fear
Send us heaven
Rest on us, in this place
Send us heaven

We worship in this holy place
The sounds of heaven clear
Overcome this time and space
Draw us near, draw us near

Let Your kingdom come today
Send us heaven
Come to earth to heal and raise
Send us heaven
Send us to the world we pray
Send us heaven
Let us join the angel’s praise
Send us heaven

The world in darkness waits for love
Your kingdom come, and will be done
Heaven on earth from God above
Doing the work of Your holy Son

Heal the sick, make them whole
Send us heaven
Shine your light in our hearts
Send us heaven
Overcome the human soul
Send us heaven
Give us all a brand new start
Send us heaven

We Are Not Made For Holes In The Ground

We are not made for holes in the ground

Not destined for earthen beds

We are not made to rest in the clay

Not numbered with the dead


We are made to live

We are made to last

We are made to praise

Forever and ever


We are not made for corruption

Not made to fade away

We are not marked for destruction

To languish in the grave


We are made to thrive

We are made to shine

We are made to sing

Forever and ever


We are made for glory above

To live among the saints

We are made to sing and dance

Before our God and Father


We are made for Him

We are made for love

We are made for joy

Forever and ever.


by Chris Yeager